Star Wars

Star Wars Battlefront Looks Epic!!!

     As of late, I have been engulfed in the world of Star Wars. Everything from the tv shows, to the movies, and the thing I’m most excited about; the video games!!! If you haven’t heard already the new Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer was just released and it has me even more excited about the Star Wars universe. Not only will this game feature a single player campaign that has been confirmed to be cannon to the lure of Star Wars, but we also will be getting a vast progression system in the multiplayer aspect of the game. This progression system they are talking about though honestly has me a little concerned. DICE, who are the game devs working on Battlefront, are also responsible for the hugely popular Battlefield franchise. The problem I have with this is that the last installment to the Battlefield games (Battlefield 1) lacks a good progression system. When I bought that game I played it for a month and half and by then I already had unlocked everything that was available. The core gameplay is amazing and very addictive but without any sorts of progression the game just died off for me. 

If DICE wants to make up for that then I’m hoping the progression system is as deep as they say it is for Battlefront 2. Also being put into the game is a classed based system that offers 4 classes to play as: Assualt, Officer, Heavy, and Specialist.

This system is very reminiscent to the one DICE has in there Battlefield games which I think is a great idea for the Battlefront franchise. It allows for players to have more choice for how they want to play the game. The first Battlefront game brought that addictive quality of gameplay like I talked about earlier but you could only play as one kind of class and everything felt generic and quite lack luster in my opinion. 

Hopefully everything DICE is doing for this game turns out amazing and they give the fans the Star Wars game they deserve.