Possible New Suit for Spidey in Infinity War??


Spider-Man is without a doubt my favorite Marvel super hero ever. I have a huge collection of Spidey comics, t-shirts, toys, lanyards, and any other Spider-Man junk you can think of. Needless to say, I was off the walls excited when I found out he was going to be part of the MCU. But then when the announcement came out that he was also going to be in Infinity War, my mind instantly started thinking of all the crazy things that Marvel could do with the character in the movie. The question that I kept seeing everywhere on the internet was whether or not he was going to be getting a new suit. That question obviously cannot be answered just yet but I do have some ideas on what they could be doing.


In the image above you can see that Tom Holland (Spider-Man/Peter Parker) is wearing a heavy winter jacket for some odd reason. Robert Downey Jr. is in casual clothes and Chris Pratt is in full Star Lord gear, so what is the reason for Tom to be wearing this huge jacket? Well if you look down at Tom’s hands you can see that he is wearing motion capture gloves which are used when CGI is involved. Since he is wearing these gloves we can probably assume that underneath that jacket is full motion capture suit. The thing that puzzles me though is why would they need him in a full motion capture suit when they already have a full Spider-Man suit for him to wear? My response to this is that they have to be giving him a new suit that relies heavily on CGI. Maybe the Iron-Spider armor or if we’re really lucky we might get to see the Venom symbiote suit.



Guardians 1 vs. Guardians 2… Which One Takes the Cake?

The first Guardians of the Galaxy movie gave the Marvel fans what they wanted in the MCU and that was some cosmic craziness. GOTG knocked it out of the park by giving us a great cast of characters along with arguably the best villain in the MCU so far but what it didn’t give us was background to the characters lives; why they are how they are. This characterization was fulfilled in a big way in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 showing us a deeper look into the lives of  every main character.


I’m not here to go into detail about every character and how awesome they were in this movie though. I’m here to talk about what I was most excited for when I went to see Guardians 2 and that was the music. I don’t think I’m the  only one when I saw that the first movie stole my heart through its soundtrack and the way James Gunn was able to work the songs so perfectly into almost every seen. Moonage Daydream by the late David Bowie is now one of my most favorite songs because of Guardians of the Galaxy. So, needless to say I had high hopes for how the music was going to be incorporated into the sequel. Sadly I left the theater disappointed because I found the songs not nearly as catchy and there wasn’t as much of a focus on the music for every scene. Trust me I know its a little harsh to judge the movie by its music when it was a fantastic movie as a whole, I just expected more out of it.

One thing I did like about this movie that a lot of other people are a bit skeptical on is the comedy. All over the internet and every social media site I’ve seen posts saying “GOTG 2 relied too much on comedy”, “the comedy dragged on too long”, and “the jokes just didn’t stick with me”. Well I completely disagree with all of that. I thought the comedy in this movie was perfect. Marvel has been in the habit recently of making super serious movies with dark colors and ominous tones, whereas this movie felt like a true comedy.

All in all, I still feel that the first Guardians movie is still better because it was so magical at that time to see what the cosmic universe looked like within the MCU and everything crazy that came along with it. If I had any suggestions for the third Guardians film it would be to let James Gunn do whatever the hell he wants. He’s hit both of these movies out of the park and I hope he never stops making movies for the Marvel cosmic universe.


Who Will Take on the Mantle of Cap in the MCU?

At the end of Avengers 4, it is sad to say that Chris Evans contract from Marvel will be up and that could be the end of Captain America in the MCU. However, Evans has said that he is “open” to doing more Cap movies to Collider but it depends on whether Marvel is up for that as well. 

Even if Evans does not return for the iconic role I doubt that that would be the end of Captain America in the MCU. I don’t think Marvel would recast the character because Evans has done so much for the character that it wouldn’t work if they just threw a new actor into the role of Steve Rogers. What’s more realistic is that they would simply pass on the mantle of Captain America to someone else. Marvel does have a few options that are already in the MCU. 

Since the introduction of Sam Wilson, and I guess you could say re-introduction of Bucky Barns as the Winter Soldier, it seams that Marvel might go in the direction of giving one of the two the role of Captain America. In the comics both Bucky and Sam have carried on the role so it makes sense to why Marvel brought both these characters into the movies. In Civil War. We saw a couple scenes with Bucky and Sam alone and there is clear tension between the two because they both see eachother as Rogers best friend. Okay so let’s just say that at the end of Avengers 4, Captain America is killed by Thanos and Sam and Bucky both survive. What happens then? Being a super Marvel fanboy like I am I would love to see a conflict between the two for the mantle of Captain America. Personally I think Sam would be better in the role because he has the Falcon suit still and he is a total badass in the comics. 

If this truly is the end of Chris Evans as Cap at the end of Avengers it would still leave a hole in that character because Evans has been such an amazing Captain America and I don’t think anyone could play the role as well as he has. Captain America: The First Avenger was one of the first Marvel movies I watched so it will always be close to me. The people at Marvel are cinematic geniuses though so I trust that they will do the character justice no matter who’s playing it. 


Punishers Role in Defenders? 

Recently I’ve been digging around the internet researching things about the Defenders and I learned that Jon Bernthals’ Punisher would be making an appearance in this show. This got me very excited because the Punisher is by far the best part of Daredevil season 2, especially the scene where Kingpin beats the crap out of him!! Putting that aside though, I’ve been trying to think, what could be the Punishers role in Defenders? 

To come up with some ideas I took a look back at the character in the comics and also the version that appeared in the Daredevil Netflix series and Ive got some hunches. 

1. The first idea that came to mind was that the Defenders are going to get themselves in a pinch and need more help from someone who’s a bit more extreme. Matt Murdock could find the Punisher and ask him for help to take down the big bad of the series who is being played by Sigourny Weaver. 

2. It could also go in the opposite direction. The Punisher is what you would call an anti-hero, a hero who has flaws and sometimes takes a more violent and deadly route. Frank Castle(Punisher) is also susceptible to doing the wrong thing but he thinks it’s the right thing. This can be seen in Daredevil season 2 when he completely obliterates the Irish gang because he thinks that’s the right way to deal with them. Anyway, what I’m trying to get at here is that he could become persuaded by Sigourny Weavers character to assist her in taking down the Defenders. 

Personally, I think it would be much cooler to have the Punisher fighting against the Defenders because who doesn’t love some good hero fighting hero action. But whatever role Punisher is playing in this series he is most likely going to have a big impact in one way or another.